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Assistive Tools Showroom

Room 130

Open from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Accessible Workspace

We have gathered together many of the assistive tools used by students in our district.  We encourage you to come the the Assistive Tools Showroom to check-out the different tools.  If you would like to gain practical experience, you use our sign-out system and use them during the workshops.

Do you require special assistance?

If you require extra support so that you can participate fully in the conference, we are here to help.  Prior to the day of the conference, please call the following number to let us know what type of support you require: (250) 847-1234,  We are asking that you contact us before the conference so that we can make sure that we have what you need and so that we can have your equipment in your workshop rooms waiting for you.

What is in our Showroom?

Here is a list of supports that we have in the Assistive Tools Showroom and UDL choices that we made when putting this conference together.


  • Braille displays

  • Screen reading software

  • Text-to-speech software

  • Large print - all workshop worksheets are available in large print version



  • Noise canceling headphones



  • entire conference is on ground level

  • all workshops are in the same hallway

  • wheelchairs available (motorized and non-motorized)


  • Talk-aid Voice Amplifier for Low Talkers

  • Speech generating device


  • screen reading software

  • text-to-speech systems using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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