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The Road to the Code Workshop

Meet Your Instructor


Shawna Audet  is an Orton-Gillingham reading remediation teacher and owner of the Flying Cat Academy. She also runs creative writing classes through her Adventures in Arcana.  Shawna got her training from the Dyslexia Training Center, which runs out of the University of San Diego.  Shawna is also the chair of the Smithers Literacy Action Team.  She helps school districts to improve their reading systems.

Workshop Agenda

11:30 am - 11:40 am       

11:40 am -12:00 pm                

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm


Shawna will share a story about how her ignorance about how does the brain learns to read led her to miss early red flags that her son is dyslexic.  She will explain how the brain learns to read.


You will participate in the role of student as Shawna leads you through the steps involved in the short vowel drill and the phonemic awareness drill.


You and a partner will alternate in the roles of student and teacher as you gain hands-on practice in teaching the short vowel drills and the phonemic awareness drill.

Note: At the end of the workshop, please take a few moments to fill out and hand in your workshop feedback exit slip.

Video of Workshop Introduction with Slides

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