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Road to the Code Workshop Resources

Worksheet 1 of 3: Short Vowel Drill


This is a multisensory drill created by the Dyslexia Training Institute to teach the short vowel sounds. 


1. Ask the student to take w fingers (2 because it activates 2 brain circuits) and trace the apple while saying the sound of short a.  Have them start tracing on the left side of the apple, trace down, across the bottom, and then up the right side of the apple.  We have the student trace in this direction so that they are moving from left to right, which is what they do when they right.  When they get to the stem, they will say, "ple," to complete the word apple.

2. The will use their  2 fingers to draw a horizontal line under the apple (from left to right) and they will say, "apple."

3. Repeat the above steps but use the pictures and key words associated with the other short vowel sounds.

Instructional Video and Worksheet 2 of 3: Phonemic Awareness Drill

This is a multisensory drill created by the Dyslexia Training Institute to teach phonemic awareness.  You can be creative with the materials the you use to do this drill as long as they are of uniform shape and come in six different colours.  In this video, I am using fancy magnetic tiles, but I often use little glass tiles.  Glass beads, Lego blocks or Hotwheels cars can work too.  

Worksheet 3 of 3: Duncan Milne's Phonics Progression


Dr. Duncan Milne has mapped out the best order in which we sound teach phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters).  There are 5 phases in his phonics progression.  The main idea is that we teach the sounds in the suggested order and we ask the students to read or write sounds and letters that they have not been formally taught in previous weeks.

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