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Sample Letter

Below, is a sample letter  to help parents get started on their school district accessibility feedback forms. Feel free to use it or to share it with other BC parents of struggling readers who are being denied access to proper support.


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I am writing to express my concerns regarding the reading remediation services provided in our school district. It is my sincere intention to address an issue that has had a significant impact on my child's educational experience.


Regrettably, the presence of ineffective elements in the school-wide reading system has created a situation wherein my child faced challenges in overcoming reading failure. This denial of adequate special education services not only violates my child's basic human rights but also places my child at unnecessary risk for a variety of negative life outcomes. Additionally, it has imposed a financial burden on our family.


I would like to bring to your attention that, when my child experienced reading failure in elementary school, my child was denied access to an effective reading remediation program delivered by a properly trained reading remediation teacher. This denial contradicts the Supreme Court of Canada's unanimous decision in the Jeffery Moore case on November 9, 2012, emphasizing that learning to read is a basic and essential human right. The court concluded that adequate special education is indispensable and provides access to the statutory commitment to education made to all children.


To address this issue of discrimination, I recommend adopting the recommendations outlined in the Ontario Human Right's tribunal's Right to Read report. The report emphasizes the importance of early, evidence-based reading interventions that are fully implemented and closely monitored, available to all students who need them. Recognizing every child's basic human right to read is crucial in ensuring that denying access to effective reading remediation is not an option.


The denial of access to an effective reading remediation program has not only affected my child academically but has also put my child at risk for negative life outcomes. A decline in self-image and decreased academic confidence are some of the visible impacts. Moreover, the delay in providing effective reading intervention has led to lasting harm, especially considering my child's dyslexia.


To prevent similar instances and address the needs of dyslexic students, I urge the implementation of the recommendations in the Ontario Human Right's tribunal's Right to Read report. Early intervention is critical, and the report provides explicit guidelines on reducing reading failure and implementing effective screening and intervention programs.


Lastly, it is concerning that my family had to resort to private reading remediation due to the denial of services at school, resulting in an unnecessary financial burden. This situation creates a two-tiered system, where only families with financial means can afford necessary interventions. It is imperative that changes are made immediately to ensure that no child is denied their basic human right to read.


I appreciate your attention to these concerns and look forward to a positive resolution that ensures every student receives the necessary support for their educational success.

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