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Extra Resources 

"How English Works" Video Series


Purpose: To Review Key Concepts through 1 minute video lessons.

These entertaining 1 minute video lessons review key concepts that are covered in the free guided video reading remediation lessons. Teachers who are using the video lessons can give their students links to target videos as a way to review in between lessons. 


Click here to go to the How English Works videos page.

Top 290 Sight Words

Orange and Blue Modern Geometric Coming soon.jpg

Purpose: Sight Word Study Method

As you are working through the guided lesson, some students will master all of the words in the top 160 sight word list provided.  For this reason, here is a link to a pdf with sight words #1-290. 

Syllable Type Rule Cards

syllabletypes (1).jpg

Purpose: To use when introducing a new syllable type.

When we introduce a new syllable type, we provide the student with a rule card.  The card contains a definition, sample words, and picture that relates to a story that we tell to help us remember how each syllable type works.  Here is a link to a pdf with all the rule cards and stories. 

Adding Suffixes Worksheets


Purpose: To practice adding suffixes to bases of all syllable types.

Once a student finishes with the reading remediation program, it is still a great idea to practice making word sums.  These worksheets will help students keep the syllable types and spelling rules straight.  Here are links to some "Adding Suffixes" worksheets.  They can be used in any order.

Worksheet #1 

Worksheet #2

Worksheet #3

Worksheet #4

Post Remediation Resources

worksheets (2).jpg

Purpose: To continue improving reading and writing skills.

Once a student finishes with the reading remediation program, it is still important to keep on building literacy skills.  The following links are to resources that were not created by the Flying Cat Academy, but are Flying Cat Academy approved and free for download.

Word Connections: A Multisyllabic Word Program 

The Morphology Project

Morpheme Matrices

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