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Welcome to the free reading remediation lessons.  These lessons are provided free of charge so that all educators who are providing intervention for students suffering from reading failure have the ability to teach using an effective reading remediation program.  The lessons follow a scope and sequence created by the Dyslexia Training Institute.  The program is meant to be taught to individual students or to small groups who have similar learning needs.  Before you begin the lessons, scroll down this page and follow the 5 steps in the "Let's Get Ready" section.  Next, complete the Core Phonics Survey with your student.  Once the "Let's Get Ready" steps and the Core Phonics survey are completed, you are ready for Lesson #1.

Do you have questions?  Ask Shawna Audet for a question and answer Zoom session.  She provides these free sessions to support educators who are using the Flying Cat Academy free reading remediation video lessons.  

Shawna Audet

Lesson 45

1. Download Resources

2. Watch Video