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The resources provided here were all created by Shawna Audet.  You have permission to share them freely.  The resources are free because the goal is to ensure that effective literacy instruction is available to all those in need.  A big piece of that puzzle is ensuring that teachers have the support that they need to move towards teaching literacy through a structured literacy approach, By making sure that teachers have free access to effective teaching materials, the Flying Cat Academy is doing its part to make change happen, Please show your appreciation for these free resources by becoming a website member

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These entertaining 1 minute video lessons review key concepts that are essential to understanding how English works. 



These decodable stories on this page are all written by Shawna Audet.  The pictures that accompany the stories come from, so they are all in the public domain.  You have permission to download the stories to use in your teaching.

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Parent Resources


School Literary System Checklist

I used the recommendation of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal's "Right to Read" report (2022) to create the "School Literacy System Checklist."  The checklist is a simple tool to help educators determine if the qualities of effective literacy systems are present or needed in their school. 

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