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Private Reading Remediation Lessons

Instructor: Shawna Audet


Teaching Qualifications

  • certified to teach using the Dyslexia Training Institute's program (uses the Orton-Gillingham method)

  •  special education teacher - completed Level 1, 2, and specialist classes (Queen's University)

  • Certified B.C. teacher with over 20 years experience teaching middle and high school English

Reading Remediation Program Description

  • Dyslexia Training Institute's  Reading Remediation Program

  • Orton-Gillingham lesson structure and teaching methods

  • the program is intensive, progressive and systematic

  • designed to solve writing as well as reading problems

Other Details

All children have a right to read.

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In the 2023 Right to Read report, the Ontario Human rights tribunal stated that "all children have a basic human right to read."  In spite of this basic truth, there are school districts right across Canada in which students who are suffering from reading failure are being denied access to the proven programs and properly trained reading remediation teachers that will enable them to overcome their literacy challenges. Students from affluent families who live in such school districts often find their way to me.  What happens to children for whom the cost of private tutoring is too high? 


If you live in British Columbia, then another option is to apply for a Variety BC grant, which will pay for tutoring fees.  Alternatively, I am providing guided lessons free of charge, so that all children have access to proper remediation.  If you want to use the guided lessons, then I encourage you to hire a certified teacher to sit beside your child to facilitate the learning.  Hiring a regular teacher will cost much less than hiring me as the tutor and you will still get the benefit of having me teach the lessons. 

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