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Shawna Audet

Scroll down to view the workshops currently offered by Shawna.  If you would like to book Shawna, or if have an idea for a literacy workshop that is not currently listed, contact Shawna.


The Circle of Courage

Workshop Session #1

Description: Learn how to use the Circle of Courage as a positive behaviour modification system. This restorative approach will transform the way that you think about student discipline.

The Circle of Courage was created by Martin Brokenleg and Larry Brentro


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How Reading and English Work

Workshop Session #2

Description: Why do some kids struggle with reading and writing? Learn about the reading pyramid and how the brain learns to read. Learn about the 7 syllable types so that you can teach kids to see English as a system that makes sense - not a collection of random rules.


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Letter tile sets


Reading in Indoor Tent

Ways to Help Struggling Readers  in the Classroom

Workshop Session #3


  1. Abandon 3 Cueing System

  2. Decoding is #1 strategy. How to deal with "sticky" words: blending drill, magnetic letter tile drill for reading and spelling

  3. Identify and teach missing phonemes

  4. Solving vowel confusion


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Reading a Book

How to Use the 6 Minute Reading Solution

Workshop Session #4

Description: Let's learn how to use the 6 Minute Reading Solution program.  This program helps students to read with speed, accuracy, and a natural expression?


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Reading In a Bookstore

Creating an Effective School-wide Reading System

Workshop Session #5

Description: Learn how to use the Right to Read checklist to improve your school-wide reading system.


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Tech Tools that Help Struggling Readers

Workshop Session #6

Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to remove barriers so that student who struggle with literacy can access their learning and show their learning.

  1. Accessibility Features of Chromebook

  2. Free leveled texts: Newsella, Readworks 

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