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Flying Cat Academy
Dyslexia Trainer Program

Week 1
Understanding Dyslexia

1. Dyslexia Definition

2. Developmental lag vs Dyslexia

3. Dyslexia Simulation

4. Understanding Psych-ed Assessments

Week 3
Closed Syllable Progression

1. Introduction to 7 Syllable Types

2. Closed Syllable Definition and Spelling Rules

3. Closed Syllable Progression

4. Short Vowel Drill

5. Blending Drill

6. Syllabication

Week 5
Open Syllable Progression and Vowel Consonant-e Progression

1.  Open Syllable Definition and Progression

2.  Open Syllable Spelling Rules

3. Vowel Consonant-e  Definition and Progression

4.  Vowel Consonant-e Spelling Rules

Week 7
Lesson Planning

1.  Structure of an O-G Lesson Plan

2.  Visual and Auditory Drills

3.  Lesson Plan Template

Week 2
Phonemic Awareness, Decoding, and Encoding

1. Phonemic Awareness Definition and Drills

2. Decoding Definition and Drills

3. Duncan Milne's Phonics Progression

4. Encoding Definition and Drills

Week 4
Closed Syllable Progression

1. Closed Syllable Spelling Rules 

2. Syllable Card Drill

3. Sight Word Study Method

1.  Remaining Syllable Types: Definitions

2.  Remaining Syllable Types: Spelling Rules

3.  Remaining Syllable Types: Progressions

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