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Early Screening Assessment

Early screening is one of the five main elements of effective reading systems.  In the "Right to Read" report, the Ontario Human Rights tribunal recommends screening K-2 students twice a year.  In this lesson, you will complete the following tasks:

1. Read the Early Screening section from the Right to Read report

2. Watch a video on DIBELS, which is an early screening tool that is free and      recommended in the Right to Read report

3. Learn about the Core Phonics Survey, which is another free screening tool

4. Download the early screening tools that you need



Right to Read Report

Instructions: Click on this link and read the section of the "Right to Read" report (2022) that relates to Early Screening

Time: 20 minutes



Instructions: Click on this link and watch a video about how DIBELS works.

Time: 6 minutes

Note: Acadience™ Reading K–6 is the new name for the DIBELS Next assessment. The name has changed but it is the same test.

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Core Phonics Survey

Instructions: Click on this link and watch a video about how the Core Phonics Survey works.

Time: 6 minutes

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Free Resources

Instructions: This is an optional activity.  Explore the difference early screening tolls.  DIBELS. Acadience, and the Core Phonics Survey are all free to download.  Take what you need.

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