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Core Phonics Survey: A Reliable Assessment Tool

Updated: Nov 5

By Shawna Audet

Whenever a new student comes to me for a reading remediation, I begin by giving them the Core Phonic Survey. This is a proven assessment tool that only takes 20 minutes to administer. It is a quick way to identify the gaps in a student's learning. I use the test results to inform my teaching.

The Core Phonics Survey is broken into several different parts, which makes it easy for administer to students who are at different grade levels. For example, a kindergarten student would not be expected to complete the whole test. Instead, they would only be tested on the letter names, consonant and vowel sounds, and reading short vowel CVC words sections. In contrast, a grade two student would take the whole test.

You can download the Core Phonics Survey for free. Click here to do so.

In the video, you will see a graduate of the Flying Cat Dyslexia Trainer Program administering the Core Phonics Survey to a student. Even though it was the tutor's first time administering the survey, she looks like a pro. Notice how she gives the student lots of gentle encouragement and allows enough wait time so that the child doesn't feel rushed.

After administering the Core Phonics Survey, you may decide that a student needs access to an effective reading remediation program. If you need some support to make this happen, then click here to use my free guided reading remediation lessons for educators.

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