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Introducing the "How English Works" Youtube Shorts Series

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Shawna Audet in a "How English Works" Youtube short
1 Minute Youtube Shorts on How English Works

"How English Works" is a series of entertaining 1 minute video lessons that review key concepts that are covered in the Guided Lessons. section of the Flying Cat Academy website. These short videos also provide an easy entry point to enable people to experience power of teaching through structured literacy. Through 1 minute sound bites, viewers will come to see English as an elegant system that makes sense.

If you have any ideas for future video topics, I would love to hear them. Think about what key concept you would like to have taught through a 1 minute video lesson and let me know. If you have specific ideas on elements that you would like to see in your video idea, then share those details with me too. "How English Works" is run through Youtube as "shorts," so you can just leave a comment on Youtube after watching any of the shorts. Alternatively, you can leave a comment on this blog. Either way, I'll get your feedback and you may see your idea spring to life in the next "How English Works" video.

Below, are links to the "How English Works" videos that I've made so far. I hope that you enjoy them. Please use your social media reach to help me spread the word about the free guided lessons and the "How English Works" series.


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