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Syllable Card Drill

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

By Shawna Audet

After a student has developed mastery at reading and writing one syllable words within whatever syllable type you are teaching, it is time to work on multi-syllable words. The first time that you will introduce this drill is during the closed syllable progression since that is the first syllable type that is taught. Closed syllables are words like cat and dog in which there is one short vowel that is followed by one or more consonants.

Scroll down and watch the video to learn how to do the syllable card drill. Afterwards, you can try out the drill using the closed syllable word list below.

Two Syllable Words (these ones are the simplest because they do no use consonant blends)

admit, album, cabin, cactus, catnip, comet, edit, epic, exit, falcon, goblin, habit, hatbox, index, limit, magnet, mascot, melon, misfit, nutmeg, hubcap, onset, optic, panic, picnic, pivot, random, robin, seldom, setup, signal, sunlit, sunset, solid, sonic, talent, tonic, until, unzip, vomit

Two Syllable Words (these ones use consonant blends)

basket, conduct, credit, frolic, gasket, gumdrop, handbag, infest, instep, intend, itself, milkman, modest, nonstop, nostril, pilgrim, instinct, intend, neglect, pumpkin, splendid, suspect, tropic, trumpet, unbend, uplift, wildcat

Two Syllable Words (these ones use consonant diphthongs)

bucket, catfish, chapel, dishpan, enchant, enrich, ethnic, expand, finish, jacket, publish, radish, sunfish, shotgun, vanish

Three Syllable Words

admonish, astonish, athletic, Atlantic, basketball, cosmetic, diminish, discontent, discredit, disinfect, establish, fantastic, hobgoblin, inexact, inhabit, insistent, invalid, investment, magnetic, penmanship, punishment, snapdragon, Thanksgiving, volcanic

Closed Syllable Multisyllable Word List
Download PDF • 87KB

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