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Terrific Tech. Tools for Struggling Readers/Writers

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

By Shawna Audet

I like to divide technological tools that help struggling readers/writers into two categories. The first type of tools are the ones that actually work to resolve the reading/writing problem. The second type of tools are those that allow students to show their abilities - not their disabilities - through accessibility features such as speech-to-text and text to speech.

Phonemic Awareness

Jollyphonics - excellent program to teach the phonemes

DaisyQuest - an app - not a program - but is proven to help


Jollyphonics - for beginner decoding (K-1)

Lexia - student can do this online (only helps with reading - does not move the dial on writing)

Reading 101 - Free course for reading teachers - Reading Rockets

Remediation Programs that Work

Barton - you will hire tutor trained in the Barton method

Wilson - you will hire tutor trained in the Wilson method

Dyslexia Training Institute - you will hire tutor trained in the D.T.I. method



Word Wizard - app that lets you make personalized vocabulary lists with pictures - test feature too


Newsela - news articles with multiple reading levels from which you can choose

Readworks - reading passages with multiple reading levels from which you can choose

Recommended Apps - these apps are recommended by Reading Rockets, a trusted site

Accessibility Tools

Office 365 - Immersive reader (text to speech tool) - free accounts available for students

OneNote - Speech to text

Edge Browser - text to speech for websites - free download

Watch tutorials on how to use Office 365, OneNote, and the Edge Browser.

Other Tools

Core Phonics Survey - this 20 minutes survey can help you to find the gaps in your child's reading/writing skills

Phonemic Awareness Drill - this drill was developed by the Dyslexia Training Institute.

Blog about books that help students move from decoding to fluency

Syllable Card Drill - this a a great drill to get your child working on multi-syllable words

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